Coming Soon: Imam Nawawi's Âdâb Al-`Alim Wal-Muta`allim Wal-Mufti Wal-Mustafti
Imam Nawawi

Âdâb Al-`Alim Wal-Muta`allim Wal-Mufti Wal-Mustafti Wa Fadlu Talib Al-`Ilm is the introduction contained in the book titled Al-Majmu’ written by Imam An-Nawawi (d. 676/1277); one of Islam’s greatest Imams. The acquiring of sacred knowledge is a lofty and noble task. It is for this reason, seekers of knowledge must know that sacred knowledge is taught by and granted to only those who show the correct disposition. Indeed, to be grated the ability to acquire knowledge is a sign of Allah’s favor.

In this book Imam Nawawi explains the requisites of the teacher and student. It is only by embodying these requisites does one make room for absorbing the might and power of scared Islamic sciences.

Extract from the Book

Abul-`Abbas `Abdullah ibn `Abbas (may Allah be pleased with them both) said: “Man is rewarded according to his intention.”
Abu Muhammad Sahl ibn `Abdullah At-Tusturi (may Allah bless his soul) said: “In attempting ascertain the true meaning of sincerity, the possessors of intelligence reached the conclusion that it refers to the state in which all external and internal movements and thoughts of a person are dedicated only to Allah alone and kept pure and remote from worldly inclinations, desires and physical appetites.”

As-Surri (may Allah bless his soul) said: “Do not do anything to gain the pleasure of people and do not forsake anything to gain their satisfaction. Do not give anything for the sake of attaining their happiness and never reveal anything to them.” The great successor Habib ibn Abi Thabit (may Allah bless his soul) was asked by his colleagues and students to give a lecture but he refused saying: “Not until I acquire pure intention [for doing so].” Abu `Abdullah Sufyān ibn Sa`īd al-Thawri (may Allah bless his soul) said: “Nothing was harder for me to take care of than my own intention, for it keeps changing all the time.”

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